***4.)  The Conflict In Palestine—
Is One Of Most Important Tests

For Mankind:
To Side With Lord
By Siding With Victims Of Injustice
& Oppression—Out Of Compassion

5.)  Especially As We Are Now Living At
The Great Crossroad And Completion
Of Present Fifth Race (
of mostly selfish,
materially arrogant, spiritually ignorant,
lower-mind focused mankind

a.)  Please Remember: No One Can
‘Sitting On The Fence Or Sidelines’
— That Means It Is Unacceptable
And Inadmissible To Choose:
Indifference Or Inaction To Any
Visible And Obvious Injustice(s)

b.)  By doing nothing, keeping
quiet, complacent and comfortable
in the face of obvious injustices
and sufferings being regularly
inflicted on Palestinians and Middle
East Peoples (
Human Beings Like
Us, With Flesh And Blood
b.)  To Betray, Disobey or Rebel
: God’s Plan Or Lord’s Mission*;

(  *  For example: (i) by against
compassion and justice;

(ii) by failure to support victimized &
oppressed: nations and peoples;

(iii) by sided with oppressors and illegal:
invaders and occupiers.

Then That Nation Or Individual Will:

(i)  Bearing Very Heavy (Bad) Karma.

(ii)  Unable To Get Blessing and
Protection From Spiritual Hierarchy.

(iii)  Vulnerable To End Up With Self-
Dissolution and Self-Destruction,
through Explosion.

Palestine is the longest test (since 1948, 70 years ago), another important test is the conflict
Syria (since 2011, 7 years ago), and most recently Yemen (since 2015, 3 years ago).