This Means The New Australian
Government Will Very Soon
: Recognize
Jerusalem (Al-Quds) As The "Capital of
** And Accordingly Move Their

( ** Notes: New prime minister Scott
Morrison already told Israel’s prime
and the media, and is now
waiting for final approval by Australia’s
parliament to become official.  
It was at
the "suggestion" of former
Australian ambassador to Israel,
Dave Sharma
– soon to become an
Australian parliament member
equivalent to congressman in USA) to
highly Jewish populated
city, Sydney. [
1] [2]

This is not only happening in Australia’s
it has already
happened to many world leaders,
and will continue happening if
people continue to keep quiet and
doing nothing

To Our Australia Brothers & Sisters

As Australia Is Our Spiritual Brother
ing With """2nd Ray Soul*
—Therefore Is Guiding, Overseeing
and Watching By """
2nd Ray Lords"""
The Invisible, Invincible, Spiritual
World Government
; We Also Know As
"""Spiritual Hierarchy"""

We Care, Concern and Have
Responsibility To
: Advise, Remind,
Safeguard And Warn ""Our Loving
Sisters & Brothers In Australia""—

Most Recently, Your New Government
Officials – Abruptly, Unexpectedly and
Mistakenly Abandoned
Lord Christ’s (or
Lord Maitreya’s) ""Mandated Two-State
Solution"" for Palestine & Israel

Which Was Australia’s Unbroken and
Unwavering Policy For Decades,
In Line
With More Than 134 Nations And The
United Nations
* Australia’s Personality Is On The 7th Ray.