12.)  LMW: Because, even if we study,
know and talk about astrology,
astronomy and cosmogony …

a.)  We cannot prove it.

b.)  It can also hinder us* with
impractical and uncertain knowledge,
based on memorization of writings;

Not from one’s own knowing,
from experience.

c.)  More importantly, just knowing
about these subjects
does not
contribute to one’s Spiritual
(G)  Priorities, Pitfalls and Limited

11.)  Lord, through Helena Roerich,
advised that

I.)  We do not need to master
cosmogony, or even esoteric

II.)  We should instead
Focus More On Daily

◊◊◊  ""Selfless Service"";  ◊◊◊

 ""Complying and Practicing
Lord’s Teaching""
;  ◊◊◊

[ Known as Agni Yoga Teaching—
the best, highest and synthesis of all
previous yogas and true teachings
. ];

… For our achievement of Spiritual
Awakening and Self-Perfection.
* Also see: Agni Yoga, Aum (1936), 338.