2.)  Without renunciation

a.)  Never achieve
freedom of the spirit;

b.)  In turn, no
resurrection of the spirit;

c.)  So no
spiritual awakening and
continuously expanding of inner
, and no merging with
Higher Consciousness of Lord;

d.)  Therefore cannot approach and
contact Higher Worlds.

* * *

3.)  Renunciation has dual aspects—
related to soul’s descent into matter,
and re-union with Divine Monad during

a.)  During descent,
soul renounced:

(i)  "The Father’s Home."

(ii)  Its Source.
Section III.

E)  Dual Renunciation Of The Soul*

(  See also: Authentic Renunciation

""Total Renunciation""  )

Renunciation or detachment:

a.)  Is a basic requirement of
spirituality—to detach and release
oneself from captivity (or bondage) to
form (including old, outworn and
temporary things, even Earth)

b.)  Is actually and literally
** of both pairs (or
polar) opposites: spirit and matter

c.)  Is ""stepping stone"" to approach
and connect with all Higher Worlds.

*  Reference: Master DK, through Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrology (1951).
Is not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally, even spiritually.
** Because after achieved synthesis (aka
all containment)—spirit and matter merge.