***3.)  Requirements Of ""The Path
Of Light, Love And Eternal Life""

I)  From: choice of living for
comfortable, complacent and selfish;
and/or pursuing material achievements;

To: Consciously and Strongly
Determined To Living As ""Being""

(Our Actual Original Primary
""Spiritual Soul / Solar Angel Nature"").

II)  From: Strong Determined Will
Serve God, Through Lord—By
Steadfast (Steady)
Selfless Deeds;

 Then: One’s ""Will"" Becomes
Unwavering Pure and Selfless

 Enable: To Holding Unbreakable
Goal-Fitting Thoughts;

Also see: Forewarning when one
begins to hold Goal-Fitting Thoughts
Section II.

D)  ""Briefer Summary Of:
Most Essential Facts On The Path
Of Light, Love And Eternal Life""

From spiritual seeker to Mastership*—as
ultimate perfecting of Evolution Process

1.)  It Is The Main Purpose of Creation,
Evolution and Life;

2.)  The Predestined and Preordained
Goal and Destiny Of:

a.)  Individuals,

b.)  Nations,

c.)  Humanity,

Planet Earth**.
* Means from Fifth Initiation (Adeptship) to above.
** As Above (Macrocosm), so below (microcosm).
Thoughts Match To God’s Plan and Lord’s Mission.