(iv)  Higher Emotional Aspiration
manifesting and expressing as selfless
service and sacrifices

▪  (
lowly-evolved ones react** with):

(i)  jealousy, anger and violence
(animal instinct),

(ii)  limited narrow-minded intelligence,

vengeance and cruelty,

iv)  self-pity.

- - -

IV)  As ally (or) enemy of humanity
and God

*** We can know an individual or
by their actions and deeds,
not just
by their words.

Without actions—one’s claims,
pronouncements and policies are just
dead worthless words.
(B)  Essentially Important Factor:
Point Of Evolution

14.)  So why ""point of evolution"" is
the most accurate and
reliable measure of mankind’s

I)  Usefulness and value for the
All Good

II)  Character and nature
(like degree of: sincerity, honesty, all-
inclusiveness, more giving than taking).

III)  Temperament (or mentality and
for example:

♦  (
Highly-Evolved Ones respond with):

(i)  Patience and Wisdom

(ii)  Forgiveness;

ii)  Fearless Calm;
* Example: (i) by appropriate, effective, proportionate and timely responses to others’: attacks, provocations
questions; (ii) impersonally emphasizing only on facts; (iii) not by habitual and indiscriminate reactions.
** Lowly-evolved ones always react by: overwhelming
anger, hastily, nastily and taking personal in everything