3.)  They say they are chosen and sent
by God, but are doing evil wicked things
against: God, humanity and own

a.)  immorality,

b.)  hypocrisy,

c.)  taking away goodwill services for
poor and neediest: peoples and nations,

d.)  spending hard-working American
tax-payers’ monies on unlawful illegal
wars – for the world’s worst human
rights violators and criminal, cruel &
wicked groups.

e.)  using fake and false
, especially Evangelical
churches and pastors – to make their
lies and deceptions
become acceptable
among followers and believers.

(  Also see:

 Cannot approach God by donations
Light Middle Way Update
September 2018

Section I.

(A)  True Meaning Of ‘God-Chosen’

1.)  As now, more and more American
government appointed officials, and
even elected officials –
are using God’s
name to

a.)  bully, threaten and blackmail,

b.)  make one-sided demands,

c.)  impose upon other nations’ leaders,
officials and peoples – to accept and
obey what they want.

2.)  They already committed serious
sins by lying and speaking untruths—
God told them to [ unlawfully and
without true strong reasons
] invade
other nations and slaughter their
innocent peoples