Mental Terror and Suicide

)  Sinful Ones or Heavy Karma
Bearers – Live Longer For The
Purpose Of ‘Paying Back’, By
Suffering Mental Terrors–

a.)  Most, if not all of those suffering
so-called ‘Post-Traumatic Stress
Disorder’ – are paying back by daily
mental terrors.

(i)  So why they cannot sleep, are
haunting by nightmares, or end up
killing their families and themselves.

(ii)  Earthly psychologists never mention
about Karma.  As no one can walk away
from their sins – so there is no earthly
cure or solution for such sinners –
they have to fully suffer and outlive it.

b.)  If sinner commits suicide before
fully and proportionately suffered and
outlived such Karma – sinner still has to
payback after dead.
4.)  Therefore why, dishonest,
distorting, evil and wicked ones,
Wishfully Claiming:

"Free Forgiveness For Everyone
Who Prays and Asks God For It !"

a.)  Whoever Makes This Unrealistic,
Non-Existent and Wishful Claim About
"Totally Free Forgiveness" – Himself
Already Committed Evil Deed(s);

b.)  By Keep On Saying To Oneself
And Others About
"Totally Free
– They Are Trying To
Relieve And Escape Their Own
Emotional and Mental Terrors and Guilt

c.)  It Is Self-Created Illusion
or Denial and Self-Deception)!

d.)  Like those groups who believe that:
incest, rape, sodomy and various sex
perversions – are “good,” “natural,”
“new normal” and therefore permissible
for them.  But Truth Is Obviously Not.