Willing To or Not, Every and All
Evil-Doers ""Must Repent – By
Proportionately Suffering"":

a.)  Mental Terror(s),
Cause By Sense of Guilt.

b.)  Daily Sense Of Inner Fear, Sorrow
and Unpleasant Feelings.

c.)  Sense Of Insecurity and Fear of the
Unknown and Punishable After Dead

***3.)  As ""The Law of Karma"" Is
Universally: Irrefutable, Undeniable,
Unquestionable and Recognized

a.)  So Every Evil-Doer Knows From
Inside – Regardless of Religious or Not
After Committed Evil Deed…

b.)  For Entire Life – Evil-Doer Certainly
Unable To Live Truly & Totally Free
From: Fear, Guilt and Insecurity
(H)  Karmic Law: Sin & Forgiveness

1.)  From Agni Yoga, Brotherhood, 445:

Around the concept of forgiveness
there is a great lack of understanding.

One who has forgiven someone

assumes that he accomplished
something out of the ordinary, whereas
has merely preserved his own
karma from complications

“The forgiven one thinks that all
has been ended, but, of course,
karma remains ahead of him

True, the forgiving one did not
intervene in the karma of the forgiven
one and thus has not made it more
but the very law of karma
remains with both participants

d.)  The Lords of Karma can alter this
to a certain extent if the fire of
purification flashes out brightly, but
such a flame cannot easily be set

* More on: Page 47.