3.)  Pope Francis explained further
[short summary

a.)  Corruption is not just one action,
but represents a ‘state of being’ that
individuals and whole societies can get
caught up in and accustomed to –
without realizing it

b.)  The corrupt do not notice the
stench; like bad breath. It is others who
notice it, and have to point it out for

The corrupt person leads an
opportunistic and fraudulent life, yet
believes himself innocent and right;

Self-satisfied and full of pride:
i) he cannot face the reality of his
errors; (
ii) he cannot accept criticism;
iii) he will try to discredit and belittle the
moral authority of his critics; (
iv) and if
powerful enough, he will persecute
those who contradict him; (
v) as he
'does not value others'.
(G)  Sin and Corruption

1.)  Pope Francis recently said:

“I am not afraid of sin,
I am afraid of corruption, because
corruption impairs the body and the

b.)  And a corrupt person is so
sure of themselves that they
cannot go back
. They are like those
swamps that you try to get out of and
they suck you (back). It’s a swamp.
Yes, it’s the destruction of the
human person.”

2.)  LMW: Because ""Sin Can Clear
and Erase"",
But Only When One:

""Truly Repents and Fully Self-
(Not Repeat Sin)—AND BY:

(Either): Doing Good Deeds;

OR):  Proportionately Payback,
By Suffering —
To Neutralize Sin.