Pattern of corrupted ones

22.)  In the legal field (under Common
Law) – The Key To Successfully Indict
and Convict corrupted ones IS…

a.)  Prove Their Criminal: Intent,
Motive, Willfulness or Premeditation
By Plan; not by casual or accident).

b.)  Accompanying With Pattern
(or Repetitive Acts).

23.)  When corrupted ones Build
Their Own Pattern, By Repeatedly
Committing Unlawful and Wicked
such as:

i)  Altering, Destroying, Fabricating or
Concealing: Physical Evidence(s);

ii)  Conspiring With Others To
Discredit, Obstruct and Mislead:
Lawful Investigators and Course of
protect what they regard as their
country and so the natural enemy to
them are foreigners. The younger
generation in particular are demanding
that the rights of their country be

(iii)  The politicians have used this
situation to maintain control. The young
are forced to move towards an -ism.
They are crying out for their rights.

f.)  If politicians go against the forces
of evolution, they will create resistance
and conflicts which will build up until
they explode. This explosion is followed
by a loss of power and in the ensuing
vacuum, as in other countries, isms
dissolve, leading to consensus and to
evolution again taking its course.