(i)  “All those who indulge in
creating divisions in life and
politics are finished. 'I [Lord] have
pulled the plug out. There is no
energy left there.' ”

(ii)  The culture of creation is diversity,
which is the basis of every nation and
of every religion. Try to remove those
differences and you only provoke

e.)  As political systems around the
world die, tribalism and racism appear,
'like lice leaping off a dying animal'. …

It happens because politicians
cannot solve the problems of their
changing societies and so the people
take the law into their own hands. …

Outworn corrupt political system

21.)  As Lord Said, through Mr. Creme*,

Present-day politicians are baffled
by their inability to achieve any of their

b.)  “Instead of fulfilling the will of
the Lord, they are merely fulfilling
their own desires.”

c.)  In the past, when political leaders
could no longer control the masses,
they resorted to war. That is no longer
possible, so today they have found a
new game to play — that is the political
game of chaos and confusion.

d.)  …The days of many leaders,
political, religious and commercial, are
numbered. Some will commit suicide
while others will just disappear.