7.)  In our spiritually-degenerated world
today, especially in the United States

the more one achieved in: Higher
Educations, Positions, Status and
The More Vulnerable and
Prone to Become
: Amoral, Apathy,
Corrupt, Cruel, Deceptive, Exploitative,
Evil, Inhumane, Manipulative,
Opportunistic, Wicked and
Dare To Do Anything

8.)  Earlier this year, Olympics
gymnastics doctor, Larry Nassar was
sentenced up to 300 years in prison—
after accused by more than 250 women
of sexually abusing young sports-
oriented girls; and charged with 10
counts of criminal sexual conduct and
child pornography crimes.

Rachael Denhollander, lawyer,
whistleblower and victim of Nassar—
said to him,
You have become a man
ruled by selfish and perverted desires.

Examples of corrupted personalities

Notes: Regarding worldly individuals
and events

(i)  we are not judging anyone or
anything, whenever related to earthly
individuals and events.

(ii)  each ultimately bears responsibility
for the corresponding consequences of
their own choice(s) – according to the
Law of Free Will and Law of Karma
we reap what we sow).

(iii)  we just provide examples and short
facts from public sources—as
"""Foods for Thinking and Pondering""".

(iv)  Let everyone make their own
by own:

•  beliefs,

•  choice,

•  point of individual: perspectives,
evolution and knowledge
! )