1.)  Lord warned that, corruption can
ultimately lead entire nations to
self-dissolution and self-destruction

2.)  LMW: When corrupted, it means:

a.)  evil-minded
(or No Clear Mind),

b.)  cold and stony heart
(or No Pure Heart),

c.)  dishonesty,

d.)  fraudulent and criminal,

e.)  misconduct,

f.)  wrong deeds,

g.)  Instead of against, rejecting and
resisting to: evil, injustice, falsehoods
and false teachings…

corrupted one—backs, helps, sides with
and supports: evil, injustice, falsehoods
and false teachings
Section II.

(F)  Corruption Of The Fifth Race

The problem of corruption is applicable
and affecting to almost everyone—
at all levels, departments, institutions,
corporations, governments, nations and

When corruption sets in at the
nation’s highest levels (among leaders,
lawmakers, generals & politicians, etc.)
– it then spreading to households,
businesses, communities and society

Corruption is not only in terms of
financial or money, as most people

Corruption can affect all four levels of
mankind: physical, emotional, mental,
up to spiritual—and lead to the most
dire, destructive, dissolute, evil and
malicious consequences.

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