(E)  Fiery Radiation Of Selfless Ones

1.)  As Solar Fire:

(i)  aka Divine Fire of the Heart;

(ii)  aka Buddhic Fire;

(iii)  aka Cosmic Fire;

(iv)  or Fiery Radiation;

(v)  or Fiery Sword of Cleavage;

a.)  Is Most Powerful In This Second
Solar System;

b.)  Even Satanic Flame Cannot
Withstand It, And Can Be Destroy By It
12.)  From Master DK*:

“The dark brother considers not
what suffering he may cause

he cares not what agony of mind
he brings upon an opponent;

he persists in his intention and
desists not from the hurt of any man,
woman or child, provided that in the
process his own ends are furthered.

“Expect absolutely no mercy
from those opposing the
Brotherhood of Light.”
* Master DK, through Alice Bailey, Letters on Occult Meditation