b.)  Those Who Associate, Befriend,
Close To, Cozy and/or Serve – The
Enemies Of Lord:

***(i)  Are Against Him, And Will
Bearing Heavy Karma

(ii)  Will Never Have True Lasting:
Freedom, Justice, Peace and Security;

iii)  Will Definitely Living Only In Fear,
As Prisoners and Slaves;

[ And Discarded (Like Trash) Or Dead,
After Used By Dark Masters
! ]

iv)  Will Become Unfit For New Higher
Evolution; And Unable To Enter The
Coming ""Heaven On New Earth""
(D)  *** Important Warnings On:
Betrayal, Falsehood and Dark Ones

In short and simple words:

***1.)  Lord Warned That, Serious
Devotees and especially Disciples

i)  Should Not Associate With,

ii)  Should Not Greet,

iii)  Should Not Even Smile To
The Enemies Of Lord

***a.)  By Associating, Greeting
Or Even Smiling To His Enemies—
One Committed Betrayal To Lord !