***2.)  India’s Future Sustainability
Evolution Is Only Achievable—

After Successful Adjustments of
Her Present—Many and Various
Internal Problems


"""Betrayal of Lord Krishna (aka
Avatar of Vishnu, or Fifth Buddha
Maitreya, or World Teacher)"""—

By Appeasing, Associating And
Serving The Enemies of Lord...

a.)  “He who smiles alike on the
friends and the foes of the Teacher
is unworthy

He who betrays the Teacher, even
if only by reticence [habit of keeping
quiet] when speech is needed, may not
place his foot on the threshold.
(C)  ""Important Notes On India""

1.)  The Master Jupiter is Regent Manu
and Esoteric Ruler of India—Advising,
Directing, Guiding and Watching India.

“Under the Manu work the
regents of the different world
, … the Master Jupiter the
oldest of the Masters now working
in physical bodies for humanity,
Who is the regent for India
, …

“These regents hold in Their
hands the reins of government for
continents and nations
, thus guiding,
even if unknown, their destinies; ...

c.)  ... In His hands are the reins of
government for India
, including a
large part of the Northern frontier, and
to Him is committed the arduous
task of eventually guiding India out
of her present chaos and unrest,
and of welding her diverse peoples
into an ultimate synthesis.”
[1] Master DK, through Alice Bailey, Initiation, Human and Solar
[2] Agni Yoga, Signs of Agni Yoga (1929, 6th Ed.), 205.