(B)  Future Spiritual Schools:
Preparatory Work and Conditions

1.)  Spiritual Hierarchy carries out
experiments in many nations to speed
up the evolutionary process—to where
it will be safe to train qualified aspiring
ones further;

a.)  Through methods of stimulation
and intensification to people under

b.)  Which will bring to the knowledge of
the Great Ones Themselves a mass of

c.)  That may serve as a guide to Their
future efforts for the race.
12.)  Master DK Also Mentioned That,

a.)  The Present Incarnations Of Higher
Initiates (3rd & 4th) Are—

(i)  Just Recapitulate (Or Re-Establish)
All Spiritual: Qualities, Faculties and
Knowledge – Already Achieved From
Their Past Lives.

(ii)  To Build The Required Foundation
For Lord’s Missions.

b.)  For Each and All
Selflessly Participating With
Total Commitment and Conviction
World Servers, Disciples And Initiates—

(i)  After Fulfilled Their Services For

(ii)  Will Reward By Still More Higher
Initiations and Positions In Spiritual