Please remember, one of most
important and essential requirements
for achieving one's predestined and
preordained goals is by
Conscious, Willing and Continuous:
self-Adjustment, self-Discipline and
– To Solely Focus and
Practice each and all God's Laws, or
Lord's Teachings in one's Daily Life

Regarding our Actual, Primary and
Original Identity, or S
piritual Soul
Nature, what we sometimes call
'requirements' are not really
requirements at all.

Because once we STRONGLY
: Constantly,
Consciously and Willingly Expressing
Only as Who We Really Are: as Our
piritual Soul Nature – we realize it is
nothing forceful or unfamiliar to us at
.  It is in fact, mankind's Original and
Natural State of Be-ness and Being

It is everyone's Divine Right,
Incorruptible and Un-Pollutable Nature
Now is the Extremely Important ""Final
Judgment"" for mankind at End Times:
so must enable oneself to FOCUS on
the Eternal, Highest, Most Beautiful and
Precious known as GOD – by
Constantly Holding "
" for the rest of one's life.

Otherwise, especially now:
the above
, mankind's focus and
thoughts will be Wandering, Confusing,
Scattering and Shattering – cause by
many various kinds of Distractions,
Deceptions, Lies, Falsehoods and Fake
Conspiracies; ALSO mankind being
Misled, Misguided and Misinterpreted
on purpose by: false gurus, wicked
servants of evil, and wicked dark
masters – to keep mankind FAR AWAY
from Genuine: Whole Truth, Teachings,
Teacher, Lord Maitreya and God