The only difference is the hopeless
have reached the point where they
cannot rely on their bubble (or comfort
zone) anymore.  The wishful thinkers
are still desperately protecting or
preserving their bubble.

Both the hopeless and the wishful
thinkers are capable of doing stupid
things and both are a danger to
themselves and others.

We are Consciousness, not just
physical bodies.  The physical body is
just clothing or a vehicle for our
Consciousness to evolve through
experiences.  Therefore it is absolutely
stupid to focus on the physical or
material.  Fear is the direct result of
selfishness.  Both the hopeless and
the wishful thinkers are selfish, so both
guarantee self destruction.

Once again, please focus on
all-inclusive unconditional love
(SELFLESS) and practice
all-inclusive unconditional love
(SELFLESS) every moment of our
lives then we will surely pass the
purification (final test to choose
SELFLESS or selfish).
Just because natural disasters,
calamities or tragedies have not yet
affected the wishful thinkers – they
think and insist "all is well" so they can
continue living in their ‘soap bubble’ or
self-serving ‘comfort zone’.

Wishful thinkers:

1. will avoid, ridicule or attack anything
(even the truth) that negatively affects
(threatens to burst) their ‘bubble.’

2. do not want to adjust their comfort
zone to reality.

3. only accept and believe that which
helps to maintain, sustain or preserve
their self-serving, wishful thinking.

4. are constantly looking for
opportunities and ways to reinforce
their ‘soap bubble’ (so they continue to
live selfishly, and avoid to face reality).

Both the hopeless and wishful thinkers
have the same enemy which is fear.